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Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

Everyone at House of Jack, especially Jack, supports responsible, safe and truly enjoyable gaming. The moment you walk into Jack's house, you get superior entertainment in an environment that's strictly monitored for your safety.

If at any moment you feel that you might have a problem with gambling, feel uncomfortable playing or feel that you might be unable to control yourself when gambling, please feel free to explore any of our handy tools/tips below.

Setting your own playable limits – You can easily control what you spend at the casino by setting deposit limits on your account. Contact Jack's star team of player support agents, chat to them about the different options available to you, and your specific selection of gaming terms will be implemented within 24 hours. These terms can be reviewed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Implementing a cooling-off period – Jack's got a solution for every problem, mate, like giving you the option to take a short break from gaming. With this option, you have the freedom to lock your account for 24 hours, or 7/30/90 days. This time allows you to check back, reflect and get gaming again when you're ready.

Implementing an exclusion period – This is another option which allows you to take a break from gaming; and is set for a minimum of six months. During these six months, you will be excluded from activities at the casino, and can only resume activity again after six months after putting in a formal request.

If a third party requests an exclusion for a player, the player will be contacted directly and formal identification documents will be requested before any action is taken.

It's all about the fun stuff
Gambling is thrilling, exciting, and certainly gets Jack all fired up, but should be done in moderation, like all things in life. If you need a cooling off period, a playing exclusion, more advice, or someone to talk to, know that Jack's star player support team are ready and available 24/7.

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The legal gambling age
The legal gambling age is 18 years, and no one under this age is allowed to gamble. Gambling involves a certain amount of risk, strategy and further thinking, which is why an age restriction is implemented.

Jack and his pack work tirelessly to ensure that no under-18s are allowed in at the casino by implementing KYC (know your customer) policies.

If you need a filter to block certain gaming URLs from your pc, check out the links below for more information.,