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Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots at House of Jack

Progressive Jackpots

This is where the stakes are raised and the excitement rockets to a whole new level. Never played progressives? You’re missing out on the best chance to become an instant millionaire! Each progressive pokie is a wild adventure which perfectly merges modern technology and pure pokie pleasure. This is where one bet could unleash the biggest jackpot ever seen.

How do progressive pokies work

Each progressive pokie is linked to a selection of games on a casino network. Whenever a bet is placed on any of these linked casino games, a percentage of the bet goes into the progressive pot. This pot has no limit and keeps growing until one lucky player hits those lucky symbols on a pay line. And that’s how you become an instant millionaire with progressive pokies!

How to play progressive pokies

Every progressive pokie has its own set of rules, winning symbols and jackpot requirements, so make sure you’re clued up on how to get the most out of each bet. The golden rule to follow with progressives is to always play the maximum bet on a progressive pokie machine as this is how the ‘progressive feature’ is activated. Without activating this feature, the big jackpot might not pay out, even if the winning symbols land on a pay line.

Change your life with progressive pokies

We all think about the future and those unexpected annoyances which seem to chow down on your hard-earned cash. Imagine a life where your biggest decisions are which beach house to book out for the weekend or what color to spray your Maserati.

Now stop imagining and play progressive pokies. Win your way to your dream life and have fun while you’re doing it.