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Play Blackjack online for real money

Play Blackjack online for real money

Blackjack, also known as vingt-en-un or 21, is the most popular card game to play at an online casino. This casino game has been around for many centuries and has plenty to offer. There is also a lot of excitement to expect when you are on a winning streak. Jack certainly knows what it feels like to be on a lucky streak. This is why he rewards as many players as possible with payouts that can help you turn over a new leaf.

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One thing that makes the blackjack table stand out is that it combines strategy with luck. The objective of the game is to achieve a hand total as close to 21 as possible without exceeding 21 (going bust). Blackjack takes place between the dealer and its players, it is usually played with a single deck of cards without the jokers. However, the number of decks can differ depending on the different variants available.

History of Blackjack

The exact origins of blackjack are unknown. However, the casino game can be dated back to the 17th century. It has been suggested that the first forms of the game come with French and Spanish influence. Here the game was originally known as twenty-one. It became formally known as blackjack when the game made its way to the United States of America. The term was coined when Americans added their twist to the game. In America, players would be awarded a special bonus prize if they were dealt an Ace of Spades and black jack. This winning combination would payout 10:1. Since then, the name stuck through the ages and is still present today!

The evolution of blackjack

Blackjack is one of the few casino games that has not seen many changes. The game stayed very much the same until the 19th century when it made its way to America. This is where the first noticeable change happened. Players were awarded a bonus reward for landing an Ace of spade and black jack. Other changes included the dealer being allowed to double down when the casino game first made its way into the Nevada casinos in 1931. Previously, players were allowed to place additional bets during a round of blackjack, for example after another card was drawn. However, today bets may only be placed before the cards are dealt. There has also been the introduction of additional side bet rules.

Introduction of Online Blackjack

The next biggest blackjack change came about in 1994 with the introduction of online casinos and online blackjack. Blackjack was also one of the first casino games to be introduced online.

Today the popularity of blackjack continues to boom within the casino world. One of the main factors contributing to this success is the fact that there are numerous different variants available. The online world has been able to take full advantage of technological developments to be able to provide live dealer blackjack tables.

Blackjack Rules

The aim of any blackjack variant is to achieve a hand total as close to, if not equal to, 21. When it comes to totalling your hand the card will carry the following values; kings, queens, jacks, and ten will have the value of 10; Aces will be valued at 1 or 11; while cards 2-9 will carry their face value.

The rules of the game may vary depending on the variant you are playing. In general, all blackjack games will start off with players making their bets. This action will be followed by two cards being dealt. From here the player will have many options on how to proceed with the round. Some of these options include;

Double Down: This is when a player opts to receive one additional card and then their round will end.

Hit: By choosing this action, you are asking to be dealt additional cards until you are satisfied with your hand total.

Insurance Bet: This is an additional side bet a player may take when the dealer has an ace. The bet is taken against the odds of the dealer having blackjack.

Split: This is when a player is dealt two cards of the same value these cards be may be split into two separate hands.

Stand: A player will take this action when they are completely satisfied with their hand total. This action will result in no further cards being dealt with for player.

Surrender: This action will result in a player forfeiting the round at an additional expense. In some cases, the player may surrender early (before the dealer checks for blackjack) or late (after the dealer has checked for blackjack).

Blackjack Glossary

Ace: This card carries the value of 1 or 11. The choice is entirely up to the player. However, once a value is chosen the player needs to stay committed to the value for the round.

Action: This is the total bet placed by the player.

Bust: This a term used to refer to a total that exceeds 21.

Chips: These are casino tokens that carry monetary value used to place bets at a blackjack table.

Dealer: This is a term used to describe the casino patron responsible for dealing the cards. However, in the case of online blackjack, this will be undertaken by the casino software.

Edge: This is the advantage the casino has over the player.

Natural: When a player is dealt a 10-value card and an ace from the first two initial cards dealt, this is considered as a natural blackjack.

Push: This is when the dealer and player end the round off with the same hand total.