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Casino Vocabulary & Gambling Phrases

Casino games glossary

When it comes to playing casino games online, pokie machines are fairly straightforward. When it comes to playing table games, the different betting options may be complex for some to grasp. That is why here at House of Jack, we have compiled an informative list of the most popular terms you may come across.


Advantage player:

A player who has an advantage over the house edge. These players typically include card counters and online casino patrons who use bonuses to gain an advantage.


This is when players are playing at one of Jack’s favourite table games and need to place a wager before the round will start.

Any Craps:

In a game of online craps, this bet that wins when a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled.


This is when an online casino player braves it all and wagers all of their chips in a single bet.

American wheel:

When playing roulette, there are different variants available. The American wheel refers to the American roulette game that features a roulette wheel with 38 pockets. This roulette wheel contains the double and single zero numbers (00 and 0).



Baccarat is a popular table game you play for free at House of Jack. In this casino table game, players compete against the dealer with the object to get a total as close to 9 as possible.


The banker is the person responsible for the table. They are also referred to as the dealer, or the house. This person will deal cards, spin the roulette wheel, roll the dice, take wagers, payout winning bets and clear the table. In the instance of online casinos, this roll is taken on by the casino software.


This is the amount of money an online casino player has set for themselves to safely gamble with.


This is a popular card comparing casino game with the aim to get a hand total as close to 21 as possible without exceeding. Alternatively, getting a hand total more than the dealer will also reward a generous payout.


This is a reward offered to players by top online casinos like House of Jack for meeting minimum casino requirements. At House of Jack, we will kick your real money online casino journey with a $450 bonus plus 100 real spins.

Burn Card:

In casino card games, this is the card that is removed from the top of the deck before the cards are dealt to players.


This is a term used at blackjack tables when a hand total exceeds 21.


Card Counting:

This is a strategy used by seasoned players to try and keep track of the cards left in the deck during a game of real money online blackjack at House of Jack.


These are round disks used to wager real money with different table games. There are usually different coloured wagering chips, each representing different monetary value.

Column Bet:

This is a bet that applies to online craps. This is a single bet covering one of three columns containing 12 numbers each.

Come bet:

This is an online craps bet that will reward you generously if a 7 or 11 is rolled, but it loses if a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled.

Corner Bet:

A craps online bet that is placed at the intersection of 4 numbers.


This is another term used to describe a dealer or the house. The term croupier is more closely related with the roulette game at House of Jack online casino.



This is the person Jack puts in charge to deal out the cards in a game of online blackjack.


This is when online casino players make a transfer into their real money casino accounts to play popular real money online casino games with.


This is a term used in video poker. It refers to the action made by players to discard a card they received in order to receive another one.

Dozen’s Bet:  

This is an online roulette bet where players place one wager to cover 12 numbers on the roulette wheel.


This is a popular blackjack term used by players and the dealer to receive another card.


Early Surrender:

This is an optional side bet available in certain online blackjack variants. This bet allows players to end their round early at the expense of half their bet.


This is the advantage House of Jack carries over its players.

European Wheel:

This is an online roulette variant available at House of Jack. This variation has a roulette wheel containing 38 pockets (0, 00 and 1-36).

Even Money:

This is a payout that is worth the same as the bet amount. For example, if you wagered $10, the even money bet is $10.  


Face Cards:

These are cards that are depicted by a face. In various card games at House of Jack, like blackjack these cards have the value of 10.


This is a video poker hand consisting of five cards of the same value.

Four of a Kind:

In video poker this is a hand that consists of four cards of the same value.

Free Spin:

These are spins that are awarded to players either as a promotional reward from House of Jack or as a bonus feature in a pokie. Free spins from promotions can be redeemed on selected pokie machines at House of Jack.


Hard Total:

This is a term used in a game of blackjack when the hand does not contain an Ace valued at 11. For example; if the hand contains a 4 and 8, this will be considered as a hard 12.  

High Roller:

This a person who is a big spender at House of Jack. These players have the tendency to win big and lose big while playing their favourite online casino game.


This is a casino term that is used in a round of blackjack. This phrase is used by online casino players when they want to opt for another card in attempts to get their hand total as close to 21 as possible.

Hot Streak:

This is when players are on a winning streak at House of Jack online casino.



In a game of craps these numbers include; 5, 6, 8, and 9.

Inside Bet:

This is a type of bet relating to the roulette casino game. This type of single roulette bet covers the inside numbers of the roulette table.

Instant Casino:

This is a type of online casino that is available instantly from a computer or mobile browser. House of Jack is a prime example of an instant casino, as players are not required to download anything.


This is an optional side bet in a game of blackjack at House of Jack. This bet is against the dealer having a natural blackjack.



This is the total amount a player can win in a single casino game. Each casino game has different jackpots up for grabs so be sure to check out the payout table to see what Jack has to offer.

Jacks or Better:

This is a video poker variant available at the House of Jack. In a round of Jacks or better, players will receive a payout when they have a pair of Jacks or higher.



This is a popular casino game similar to bingo. In this game, online casino players choose a specific amount of numbers. Players will receive a payout when they have the right combination of numbers.


Late Surrender:

This is an optional side bet available in certain blackjack variants. This bet will prevent players from losing their full bet. However, this side bet can only be played if the dealer does not have blackjack.


This is the section on a table that shows all the betting options.

Line Bet:

This type of bet applies to the online craps game. it is a bet placed on the pass line.


This is where players will be able to access all of the top online casino games at House of Jack.



This is a strategy adopted by many roulette players to reduce the house edge and reduce loses. When using this strategy, if a player is losing, they will double their next bet to try gain some of the loses. However, if the player is winning, they will keep their wagering amount the same and place their profits one side.

Maximum Bet:

This is the most amount of money a player can spend on a single bet with any casino game.

Minimum Bet:

This is the least amount of money a player can wager on a single bet with any casino game.

Multi-Hand Casino Game:

In this type of casino game, players are dealt more than one hand of cards. By playing multi-hand casino games, players increase their chances of winning in a single round.

Multi-Player Casino Game:

These are popular online casino games where players will compete against each other instead of Jack and his crew.



In a game of blackjack, Jack considers a natural when players achieve 21 from the first two cards dealt.

Natural Royal:

In a game of poker, this is a royal flush that does not make use of any wilds.

Net Winnings:

This is the amount of money a player wins in a single gambling session.


Odd / Even Bet:

This type of bet applies to the game of roulette. It involves placing a single bet to cover either odd numbers or even numbers.


This is the mathematical probability of a player winning.

One Pair:

In video poker, when players have two cards of the same value, for example, two tens. One pair will beat high cards but is beaten by a two pair.


In a game of craps, these involve numbers 4, 5, 9, and 10.

Outside Bet:

This type of bet applies to the roulette game. It is a single bet placed covering all the numbers on the outside section of the roulette wheel.



This is a strategy commonly known as the reverse martingale system. It is commonly used in roulette games, but can also be applied to other table games like blackjack, craps, and baccarat. With this strategy, players will double their wagering amounts when they are winning. When they are losing, players will reduce their wagering amount.

Pay Line:

This is the line on a pokie machine where players need to line up matching symbols to receive a payout.

Pay Table:

When playing slots, the pay table indicates what symbols players need to line up in order to receive a payout. The table will also indicate what the respective payout is for each winning combination.


In a game of craps, the point is a number which the shooter needs to roll again before a 7 is rolled.

Progressive Jackpot:

This is a casino jackpot, commonly found among Jack’s pokie machines that continuously grows. Once these jackpots are won, they automatically re-set to a pre-determined amount.


In baccarat this term refers to the player.


In a game of blackjack, this is when players and the dealer tie.


Random Number Generator:

This is a computer program installed in all of Jack’s casino games. This program continuously works to produce random outcomes.


In pokie games, the reel is the part that rotates and contains the pokie machine’s logos. Among the best online pokies Jack offers, players will be able to find classic 3-reel pokies and modern 5-reel pokies.


This stands for return of investment. This is the profit a player wins. For example; if a player wagers $100 and wins $120, then the ROI is 20%.

Royal Flush:

In a game of poker, this hand is known for havingthe highest payout. It consists of an A, K, J, Q, and 10 from the same suit.



This is a bonus symbol found on certain pokie machines which can award players bonus payouts or free spins.


The amount of time spent at Jack’s casino.


This is used in table games to hold and dispense cards.


The person who rolls the dice in a game of craps.


This is the action of the dealer randomly mixing the cards up before dealing them out. This helps with a fair game as players will not know which cards are where.

Side Bet:

This is a type of bet that is placed in certain table games. These bets are not placed on the direct outcome of the game but can help prevent players from losing their entire bet.

Sign up bonus:

This is a bonus awarded to players simply for signing up to the casino. At House of Jack, players are awarded a $450 bonus plus 100 free spins when they sign up.

Snake Eyes:

In a game of craps, this refers to a dice roll consisting of two 1’s.

Soft Hand:

This is a blackjack hand that consists of an ace.


This is the numbers selected by players in a game of keno.

Street Bet:

This is a type of craps bet that covers three numbers with a single bet.


This is a poker hand that consists of 5 consecutive numbers. They can be from different suits. If they are from the same suit, it will be a straight flush.


An optional bet available in specific blackjack variants that allow players to forfeit their round at the expense of half their bet.


Table Hold:

The profit a table makes over a specific period of time.

Three of a Kind:

When players have three cards of the same value in a game of poker.

True Odds:

Authentic odds of a specific bet winning based on probability. True odds are generally higher than a payout. This is how Jack gains his house edge over players.  

Two Pair:

When players have two cards of the same value and another two cards of the same value in poker.



A card that is dealt face up for all other players to see what it is in poker.


Video Poker:

A card casino game played on a computer. This is a 5-draw card game where players can gain new cards and discard cards in order to try get a royal flush.

VIP Player:

These are players who usually play for high stakes. These players are valued greatly by Jack and get to enjoy some of the best casino bonuses on the Internet.


This defines how frequently players win and the value of each payout. For example; high volatility is when winning happens less frequently but payouts are much greater. Low volatility is when player win more frequently but payouts are much lower.



Another way of saying bet.


A player who enjoys playing for high stakes.

Wild Royal:

A Royal Flush in video poker that contains a wild card.

Wild Symbol:

A bonus feature found in pokie machines. This image can replace all other symbols on the reels, but they are not able to replace the scatters.


To request your funds or winnings available in your real money online casino account at House of Jack. These funds are generally paid back to players in the same payment method used to make a deposit.